Where can I get my tickets for PHNX 2022 ?

Ticket offices in Ingolstadt:

  • Westpark Ticket-service, WestPark 6, 85057 Ingolstadt 
  • Tourist information office on the Rathausplatz, Moritzstrasse 19, as well as at the main train station 

Ticket offices nationwide: 

Which ticket formats will be available?

Weekend tickets, day tickets and special tickets (details to be announced)

Is the LineUp final?

Yes, the main acts are final ... Additionally we offer 2 slots for emerging artists, which will be awarded on 11.02.2022 and 11.03.2022 following a band-contest in Ingolstadt (live performance + jury’s decision afterwards). Registration by email: eric@phnx-records.com. Please provide information about the band / the project and a possibility to listen to your music.

Protection of minors:

Click here to download: https://www.eventhalle-westpark.de/downloads

Camping / Accommodation:

Here you can find the nearest campsite: www.azur-camping.com/ingolstadt

Partnered hotels:

Where is the Audi Sportpark?


Where can I park?

Around 1,800 parking spaces are available directly at the stadium, with a further 1,000 at the shuttle-bus car park (Manchinger Straße). If you come to the stadium by bike, you can leave it in one of the 800 allocated bicycle parking spaces. The Audi Sportpark has a direct public transport connection: line 201 runs directly from the main railway station to the Audi Sportpark. IMPORTANT: There is a charge for using our parking spaces.

Visitors with disabilities:

Please buy a regular festival ticket, the accompanying person gets free entry. An extra ticket for the accompanying person is not necessary, but they must be registered in advance via social-tickets@phnx-rising.de. In order to be able to take a companion to the festival, you must register this companion.


Drinks are available at our bars. We will communicate the food offers in early spring 2022. Please DO NOT bring your own drinks & food.

Picture & sound recording.

By entering the festival area, the guest agrees that pictures and sound recordings can be made of him/her for later publication.

What can I bring onto the festival site - Bags & Co?

Bags & rucksacks - none bigger than A4 are allowed! If you want to save work for our security staff, please only bring CLEAR BAGS ;-) - Everything else please leave at home.

For animal protection reasons, no animals are allowed on the festival grounds.


There are two large sales stands on the festival site: one for official festival merchandise and one for band merchandise. The festival merchandise stand is indicated on the map of the site.

Lost property

Anyone who has found something can hand it in at the Info Point. If you have lost something, please also contact the people at the Infopoint during the event. As soon as the Infopoint has closed - lost property will be handed over to the “Lost and Found” Office in Ingolstadt, to be recovered during the following week.

In addition to our lost property office, previously, lost property has also been handed in to the police (location noted on the map of the site). However, we ask you to use only our Infopoint if possible.

Racism and violence.

At this point, we would like to make it clear that we are firmly opposed to radical ideas and racism and that we are counting on your help. If we miss something, we ask you to let us know immediately, either at the security or at the Infopoint.

The PHNX-Rising Festival is no place for weapons and violence! Whoever causes distress will be kicked out. Please show civil courage and intervene or inform our security if you notice that someone is rioting, harassing women, etc.! Weapons and imitation weapons are forbidden on the whole festival area.


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