Drey is a new formation consisting of 3 friends who got to know each other through the music.

It quickly became clear to the three electro-pop fans which musical path to take.

But what Drey actually do is not easy to explain.

Drey stand for electronic - pop music, which contains very large hit potential.

But the band combines EDM with dubstep and rock elements, which makes the music style of the 3 guys extraordinary and hard to describe.

The songs of their debut album, which will be released in 2020, are bursting with energy.

Strong basslines that underline beautiful hooklines.

Emotional songs that come along with strong guitar riffs A ́la Muse or Lenny Kravitz.

Never affected.

No song independent or uninspired.

Lady ́s & Gentlemen.

Here is DREY.

DREY-Logo-transparent-design.eps.zip DREY-Logo-transparent-design.svg DREY-Logo-transparent-design.png

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